If your installation no longer complies with your increased requirements, today's safety requirements or has outdated components, modernization is often a cost-effective alternative to replacement by a new installation. Controls, software and mechanical components can be upgraded and converted to comply with the increased requirements of your company. By replacing outdated components and adding new, up-to-date technological developments, existing systems can be brought back up to date with the latest technology and safety requirements.

At Novindustra AG, we do everything to ensure that your installation can again be adapted to the latest state of the art, so that it is more efficient, safer, requires less maintenance and, above all, can be used again for you with greater availability.

Our team will be happy to assist you in evaluating your installation in finding the right solution for you so that you can operate efficiently and economically on the market again.

Common reasons are:

  • decreasing availability due to malfunctions
  • obsolete support of products
  • increased performance requirements
  • Adaptation to changed operating conditions
  • obsolete security standard
  • Compliance with current guidelines and regulations
  • Increased repair and maintenance costs
  • Conversion to state of the art technology
  • installation expansions
  • Performance and availability optimizations


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